Industrial Glam Design
Cypress Ridge

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Our client, a busy entrepreneur and mom of two, didn't have time to stress over moving into her new home and having it look great. She called us and asked for help from start to finish! We selected every single item for her in this home—every accessory, bed, bath towel, and bar stool! This fun, creative project challenged us to design for a young family while still keeping the overall look elegant and refined. Our client likes bold statement pieces, so we gave it to her in the form of an oversized black-and-ivory bone inlay mirror in the living room, as well as the wallpaper accent walls in the master suite and her daughter's bedroom. We even wallpapered her son's bathroom to create a watery, nautical effect and painted the ceiling navy for added drama! By keeping the tones neutral in the main space, but playing with texture, contrast, and depth of tone, we accomplished a dramatic yet relaxing design for the whole family to enjoy!

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