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interior design

For our team of Bluffton interior designers, casting a creative vision for your home is just the beginning. Following through on the execution of that vision is just as important, and requires a detail-oriented approach that takes every facet of your project into consideration. This includes color theory, blueprints and space planning, textile and furnishing selections, and design concepts such as rhythm, balance, scale, harmony, and ergonomics. Rest assured that Southern Grace Interiors is qualified to successfully implement design and decor plans from blueprints to bath towels...and at every point in between!

Maybe your existing home needs to be refreshed, or perhaps you are starting from scratch. Either way, mistakes can be expensive. It is better to seek the help of an experienced design professional from the beginning. As a result, you and your family will be able to enjoy a beautiful and cohesive design for years to come!

Additional Information

How much does a whole project typically cost? Lots of factors need to be considered, such as home size, amount of work involved, level of client input and feedback, and level of customization of furnishings and window treatments, which is why hourly rate billing is always the most fair way to structure compensation within the professional design relationship. For the sake of having a general idea of costs, the 2020 national average for professional design services averages $12-17/ sq ft. Your total design fees will likely vary from this amount, based upon project needs and time demands. A retainer fee will be required in order to commence work (amount dependent upon project specifications).

Our hourly fees range from $115 - $195/hour for work with one interior designer. Please note that while some work can be accomplished by one designer, there are occasions that require team collaboration. Staffing needs will be discussed and determined on a project-by-project basis.

All design work is agreed upon between you and the designer up front so there are no surprises! On that note, we welcome you to candidly discuss your budget with our team right from the beginning. We will work strategically, and stay mindful of your budget, when purchasing furnishings and investing our time into your project. The more open you are with us about your budget, the better our team can meet your expectations and project goals.

luxury rental design

Southern Grace Interiors is proud to have been selected as the interior design firm responsible for transforming the Montage Palmetto Bluff’s village of signature residences. We’ve cast an exciting vision for these gorgeous Lowcountry homes that involves giving each nook and cranny a fresh, modern, yet distinctly southern update. This project will allow us to put our years of luxury rental design experience to work, and freely implement our signature aesthetic while staying true to the unique personality of each home and its surroundings. Do you own a rental property in Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, or Hilton Head that's in need of a refresh in order to create a 5-star guest experience? Contact us today to begin the process of turning your rental into a true retreat!

model home design

Are you a builder looking for help showcasing your spec home? We have the model home design experience needed to help you capture a higher percentage of potential buyers. Through the strategic purchase and placement of furnishings and decor, we'll help buyers envision creating a home in your model house. We are more than just decorators. Southern Grace Interiors is a professional interior design firm with a background in real estate, and we excel at navigating restrictive timelines with firm budgets to produce high-quality, conversion-oriented results. Send us an email to learn more about how our Bluffton, Palmetto Bluff, and Hilton Head model home design services can help you appeal to your target buyer in the right demographic.

new home
building services

We work with home builders in our area and subcontract design services for their clients in their design studios, as well as their client's decorating needs which come after color and materials selections.

Let us help reduce the fear and anxiety that your clients may experience in the selection process, and for a reasonable fee, take their ideas for their dream home and make them reality!

Email us to arrange a meeting at

Commercial Services

Is your commercial space in need of design support? Southern Grace Interiors offers commercial space planning and design services.
We know the impact a well-designed commercial space can have on direct sales and customer experience. We will work to create a space that attracts customers within your targeted audience without compromising on business functionality or budget.

Let us help create a space that your customers will love and enjoy visiting. 

how it works







Give us a call or send us an email to share your project with us, and determine if we are a good fit to help you. We will chat with you to learn more about your project, and determine which Lead Designer is the best fit to creatively direct your project.

Schedule your in-home design consultation! This is a detailed property assessment where our design team gets to know you and your needs, and develops the preliminary plans for your design. After we meet, you will get a detailed transcript by email, where everything we discussed is in writing, so that you can stay in control of which design elements are implemented in Step 3.

Once we have agreed upon a design plan, it is time for the fun part - implementation! This is the phase where things start "happening" with your project. How much can your home transform?

ready for step 1? contact our team!