Bathroom Renovations
Bluffton South Carolina

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These clients came to us via the referral of a prior client, which is always wonderful! They have lived in their home for a few years and plan to renovate multiple spaces in their home. The master bathroom was a clear starting point not only because it was in need of a refresh, but also because it was a functional nuisance due to issues with the existing shower. The clients' only request was that we work with the existing cabinetry. Otherwise, we had free reign to make changes!
As is often the case, this husband and wife had differing opinions on the style and execution of the design. While she desired a very clean look with a more traditional feel, he wanted something with "wow factor" and leans toward a more contemporary aesthetic. It was the job of Lead Designer Brittani Swearingen to marry both ideas and find a compromise that would be pleasing to both parties.
We began with tile selections, and focused on finding finishes that could live harmoniously with the adjoining Brazilian cherry floors. The subtle movement in the tile appeased the wife's need for a clean aesthetic, while the addition of beautiful contrasting basketweave tile catered to her husband's requests by providing visual interest. Once tile selections were finalized, the mirrors were an easy choice. They bring warmth that balances the tone of the vanity and complements the browns in the accent tile, while also showcasing transitional lines that join both styles together. The mirrors also add emphasis to the bathroom's high ceilings.
Lighting and fixtures played a supporting role in this project, as did the textural wallpaper that we added to the vanity for further emphasis and balance. We're thrilled that our clients are so pleased with the final outcome, and look forward to helping them complete additional renovations in the future! To discuss your next interior design project, please contact us at

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