Coastal Contemporary
Berkeley Hall

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Our clients enlisted Lowcountry Custom Homes to build this house in Bluffton's Berkeley Hall! The construction was complete by the time they called us, and they had already purchased some basic furniture items for each of the rooms—but that was it. The home still felt like a new construction and wasn't cozy or pulled together yet. That's where we came in!
After listening to our clients' vision for the home, we made some minor paint changes in a few key areas that helped define spaces and create depth. New decor and accessories helped bring the home together—wall art, curtains, accent pillows, rugs, and lamps made SUCH a huge difference for this project.
The accent wall in the master bedroom was a last-minute design decision, and instantly became our favorite detail of this transformation! Our work was nearing completion when we decided to paint the wall, but sometimes things evolve mid-project as the design begins to come into sharper focus. Thankfully, our clients trusted our judgement, and the focal wall now lends tremendous depth, richness, and drama to the master suite.
When the project was complete, our client flew down from Boston to see if for the first time. He said, "Thank you so much. When we started we had a house, and now you've given us a home." There is truly no better compliment or feedback we could hope to receive. This is why we do what we do!

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