Model Home Design
Palmetto Bluff

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As a full service interior design firm, we love working with builders and contractors to create custom interiors for their clients. In this circumstance, the builder approached us to help them instead. Many builders choose to showcase their work using a model home in order to help clients envision the types of finishes, materials, and layout they can offer. This builder, Brightwater Homes, originally chose to work with another interior decorator. Unfortunately, the finished product did not meet their expectations.

After learning about Southern Grace Interiors and seeing some of our work, they tasked us with creating a better model home design solution for their potential clients. As a result of the "double design" work and costs, we were working within a very restricted budget for this design retake. We added saturated color, more luxurious furnishings and bedding, and a more cohesive design with furniture and rugs that were a better fit for the scale of the room. We also added some creative lighting in the dining area and a dramatic accent wall in the Casita, which is unrecognizable from the Before image.

If you are a builder, property investor, luxury rental owner, or contractor who is interested in having your beautiful work properly showcased with intelligent design solutions, contact us to learn how we can help you!

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