More Space Place Working Project
Charleston, SC

before pictures

After wrapping up the Bluffton store, the owners of More Space Place asked us to help them design a bigger, more expansive storefront in Charleston, SC. This project is currently ongoing, but the progress is already worth sharing! Principal Designer Mikaelah Seifrit had the challenge of balancing the flow of the showroom with aesthetics for this design. The space needed to highlight multiple concept rooms and function as open office space for employees. To make it all work together visually, Mikaleah opted to add black accent walls from the front to the back. As you walk the entire space, these black walls work beautifully to carry the eye to essential spots throughout the showroom. Finally, as a nod to the Lowcountry, Mikaelah designed a shiplap entrance wall that welcomes customers as they enter.

While this project is already shaping up beautifully, we are looking to the addition of wallpaper, showroom lighting, and much more product installs along the walls.

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behind the design

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