Tailored Luxury
Berkeley Hall

This spacious home is set within the heart of Berkeley Hall overlooking a beautiful pond. A second home for our clients, they use their home to entertain several times a year when they vacation in Bluffton with friends and family. From the midwest, they wanted their home to reflect a coastal style by incorporating a neutral color palette infused with pops of blues & greens.

Lead designer Rebecca Scott, assisted by interior designer Lydia Lewis, made sure the comfortable seating options throughout the home were upholstered in performance fabrics--no need to worry about spills and stains. Carrying the coastal feel into the rest of the home, fabrics in varying shades of blues and greens were used as well as natural materials such as ratan, wood & caning to add texture. The art & accessories reflect local landmarks, birds, and marsh scenes. The overall feel of the home is one of coastal comfort--a welcoming space to enjoy life at a slower pace.

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